Founder SHASH - Saska Sasic

Founder of label SHASH - Saska Sasic




Tender. Delicate. Eternal.

Transformed into clothes and made with a contemporary woman in mind.

One who yearns for simple, timeless elegance mixed with high quality, to reflect her inner self.


Shash is a sustainable Madrid based brand launched in 2017. Designed in the Shash Atelier and made in Spain. 


Intricate design

Effortless elegance with a distinctive style is the foundation of Shash. Our designs are a combination of clean, simple silhouettes and impeccable, yet comfortable materials; always   keeping in mind that Shash should not be just worn but that it should be something you live in.


The fabric hides the magic

We pride ourselves on never compromising when it comes to choosing the right fabrics to convey our vision.

Using sustainable materials and rescued deadstock fabrics are all part of our goal to promote more sustainable options. Some would say that we want to lead by example, they would be right.


The hands of Shash

Shash are a selected team of passionate individuals who strive for perfection. In order to ensure high quality, we can proudly say that every piece is an ''all-hands'' process where we pay special attention to every detail, and time spent on making a piece is never an issue.




Fueled with passion and endless creativity, every step along the way unfolds a thoughtful design we crafted with great skill and love.


The birth of ideas

 The process of making Shash starts with ideas. Ideas that can come at any time of the day or night. The moment those ideas meet the paper, they are being born and through a magical play of working with colors and sketches, they start taking on different shapes and forms.


Turning the invisible into visible

 As the collection sketches unfold, there is already so much character built into them. Every creation gives rise to a set of characteristics that give that piece a unique personality. Choosing the perfect material is then the next step to giving identity and value to every Shash piece produced.


Where the magic happens

 In the workshop, the sound of the sewing-machines announces the birth of Shash creations, the moment when sketches become real and tangible. The Shash team takes care of every detail as they know that what they witness while sewing is the creation of timeless style and elegance.


Time to take off

 As the pieces are integrated into a coherent whole, the excitement about the collection being presented for the first time grows. By showing our creations we are telling a story about Shash and as good narrators, we want to ensure that a photo shoot or performance reflects our vision.






If we want to leave the beauty of our planet for generations to come, we ought to take care of it, nurture it, and give it back all that it has given us.


Shash is a brand dedicated to sustainable practices and making sustainable choices is the vision we have of the world.


We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. The whole equation follows the lifecycle of clothes, everything from growing textile fibers to make the fabric, dyeing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and garment care, to even recycling the clothes when you’re done with them. 


The future of our planet lies in the knowledge we have and how we decide to use it.

That is why we work so hard to increase consumer awareness of sustainable fashion and make our consumers more conscious and environmentally responsible.




Clean processes

Environmentally conscious pieces made from natural materials with a special focus on the consumption of water, use of chemicals and energy. 



Eco-friendly fabrics

Using sustainable and ethically manufactured biodegradable fabrics: TENCEL®Lyocell, cupro, vegan silk.




All pieces are handmade and of the highest quality with every detail carefully planned and taken care of. 




Collections know no seasons as all our unique pieces offer timeless elegance that will last a lifetime. 




Our responsible production takes care of the products, environment and employees, providing the best working environment and highest quality pieces. 




Simple, yet elegant and eco-friendly packaging made of recycled materials that is sustainable for the environment.


Green shipping

Always on the lookout for sustainable solutions: bike delivery and companies committed to reducing CO2 emissions.  



Waste reduction

Materials are never thrown away but rather reused along with the rescued deadstock fabrics.