Founder Sabine & Nadine

Fate has a funny way of bringing people together. Such was the case with us: Sabine and Nadine. 

Following our smart, charming, and self-admittedly balding husbands into expat life, we pressed pause on our respective careers. On opposite sides of the globe (Brussels, Belgium for Sabine and Vancouver, Canada for Nadine), we both seized the opportunity to chase adventure in Asia and become a bigger part of our children’s lives.

We crossed paths at our children’s school and quickly moved past shy hellos in the hallways. Friendships are a lifeline in a foreign country where housing, language, food, shopping and transportation are all…well, foreign. We quickly developed a mutual dependency. 

Rooted in survival, and fertilized by commonalities, our friendship grew. Turns out, we were also neighbours. And, moms to sons that like to hang out together. And, mom/fill-in to an avidly upcycling teenage daughter. And, wives of husbands who share a love of movies, music and Formula 1 racing. And, fellow school board trustees. And, volunteers for good causes. And, work-out buddies. In short, we had a lot of excuses to spend time together.

Despite it all, we discovered that both of us were still looking for more than just elusive chai lattes. It was a common quest to redefine ourselves. It’s all good to be so-and-so’s mom, but we’d been accustomed to having a pretty solid professional identity. And while volunteer gigs provided some much-needed intellectual stimulation, we still craved more. We share a love of creating – in the realms of culinary, textile and experiences – so it didn’t take long for us to casually “what-if” about a partnership that could take us beyond our stint in Beijing.

We were once introduced to someone who quite seriously asked if we are sisters, proclaiming that a father would do that – names that rhyme. If you’ve glanced at our photo, you’ll see that’s a genetic stretch, but it stuck and we became known as “friends that rhyme.”

We are proud to embark on this new adventure together. While we’ve both moved on from our expat lives in China, we will forever have the memories we made together, as well as the anticipation of those still awaiting creation. 

We hope you enjoy the stories behind each item, as the materials have been sourced through our myriad of shared experiences. And of course, we hope you enjoy the items themselves, each of which is handmade and just about as unique as you are.