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Gründerin Olga Camino Sevilla

Foundation and purpose

Ms Worker is a sustainable workwear dresses brand founded in Madrid, Spain, by Olga Camino Sevilla. It was conceived from the beginning with sustainable values and focused on providing solutions for the professional wardrobe of its female clients.

Olga, nature and fashion lover, with wide experience in the world of fashion for large firms, in 2019 launched herself alone and created the brand that she would have liked to wear when she had to get dressed to go to work in the past. She realized that it is a fact that many women thrive every day in work environments that require unwritten dress codes, but must follow, and choosing what to wear each morning becomes quite a challenge.

That’s why she created Ms Worker, to help women to have a timeless capsule wardrobe with fewer and better-quality clothes with the added value of an eco-design thought in advance and an ethical and local production, all made with certified organic or recycled materials.

Each garment has a studied pattern making design as well as a deep research of materials “we design dresses capable of making you feel comfortable and attractive throughout the whole working day, without wrinkles and without the itching and bad smells that some synthetic garments produce after a few hours of use


There is a permanent collection, without seasons, without colours or shapes, from time to time new models will come and some will disappear, or perhaps new fabrics will be used for the same patterns, Ms Worker do not seek to be novel but permanent in style.

Black, blue marine and red are Ms Worker dresses main colours, but you can also find a few models in grey, mustard, or moss green. Almost always plain colours, so you can easily combine with your favourite blazers or cardigans.

Its style is timeless, but you can see some winks to fifties or sixties. Between its multiple silhouette’s designs, different women can find their perfect dress for their different bodies. If we had to define Ms Worker dresses in three words they would be: comfortable, elegant, and versatile.

Do you often have trouble carrying small items such as your work ID or your mobile when wearing a dress? Do you sometimes feel like you don't know where to put your hands when wearing a dress? Well, forget about all these inconveniences, all of Ms Worker's dresses have pockets.