Bezugsquellen - MS WORKER

Production process

Designs, patterns, and samples are cooked in Olga’s studio in Vallecas (South of Madrid)

Digitalizing and sizes are done in a patternmaking studio, Cotexdesign, in Carabanchel (South of Madrid).

Materials are bought to different suppliers in the north of Europe or Spain and are stored in Olga’s studio.

Cutting it is done by young cutter, Victor, from his atelier in Aluche (South of Madrid).

The sewing process is carried out by a group of enterprising dressmakers who have their own atelier, Somotex Costura S.L., in Vallecas (South of Madrid).

The quality control, storage and distribution are done in Olga's studio, from where dresses are perfectly packed and delivered to your home.

As you can see, all phases of production are carried out close to each other, in such a way that the entire chain is monitored, and excessive displacements are avoided, with the consequent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

In Ms Worker we know who makes our clothes, under what conditions they work, and we pay fairly for the work done.


Dresses are manufactured with knitted or woven fabrics, but always GOTS organic or TENCEL ™ Lyocell fabrics are used.

Threads are GOTS organic cotton or recycled PET.

Interlinings are used as strictly necessary, and when used, they are made with recycled PET.

We try not to use zippers in our designs but sometimes it is unavoidable, in this case conventional zippers, bought in a closer haberdashery, are used because they are small production quantities. Something to improve for the future.

Buttons are made in Spain from mother of pearl remains.

Brand, size, and garment labels also are made with recycled PET woven or printed.

Paperboard label are made with lawn mowing debris.

Packaging are 70% recycled paperboard boxes, 100% recyclable.

Hangers, when needed, are made with 100% recycled paperboard.